Jul 17 2014

Bail bonds greeley co: Different bail bonds types

There are many people, who are not aware of the existence of different types of greeley bail bonds that might prove to be useful to help someone accused to get bail.

Common types of bail bonds used in the industry

  • Surety Bond: It is a type of bond, which is also known as bail bond. This is considered to be one of the most commonly used bonds available. The professional and highly reputed bail bonds greeley co is likely to coordinate for the individual the bail bond and also charge non refundable fee that is generally about 10% to 15% of the entire bond amount. This completely differs from one state to the other. It assures the defendant of a quick release from jail, instead of waiting inside for the next court date that might otherwise take anywhere between several weeks to months. In case, the individual makes payment to the agency’s service, then he is required to sign a contract and also provide an assurance that he would show up at the court for the trial on the specified date. In case, the individual fails to do so, then the agency can have warrant issued against him for his arrest and the person is likely to be listed as law’s fugitive.
  • Property bond: The individual could be arrested for committing some major offense. In such cases, the bail bonds Greeley CO amount could be set much higher. Since, not every person would be prepared financially to make such a huge payment for their bail, they can pursue property bond. Here, the individual puts up his rights to the high priced personal assets like land, houses, cars, businesses, etc. that is equivalent or more to the bond value. As the defendants appear in the trial and complete all their court hearing, whatever collateral is held by court is returned back. In case the person gets released from jail with a property bond and they do not appear on the trial, then they are to forfeit the asset to law. Moreover, they also are likely to face fresh arrest warrant and would lose another opportunity to enjoy bail.
  • Getting released on own recognizance: It is termed to be a bond, which is utilized for minor offenses such as traffic violations. In instances, where the individual is released on own recognizance, federal law does allow them for leaving jail and for getting released. However, this is done only with a mutual understanding that this person is needed to appear in the scheduled court date in Greeley and also to avoid any other criminal behavior.
  • Being released on Citation: Several very minor crimes such as j-walking can be addressed with citation release. It takes place, when the police officer would hand over a ticket to the individual on the spot. Usually, they need to call on a number provided or visit the courthouse to pay a token fine. It is a strategy that is used by the government for avoiding overcrowding in local and county jails.

Taking help of a reputed and experienced Greeley bail bonds company is sure to provide the individual with plenty of information on the different types of bail bonds available.